The Stacks

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The Stacks is the common name for Brunnhold's College Town, so named for the way houses were built upon houses to make the most of the available space. The town is located within the walls of the University, and is home to many humans, wicks, and, sometimes, passives. It serves as a base for trade between the outside world and Brunnhold, and as such has many taverns and hostels where traders can stay the night.

College students also visit the Stacks from time to time to take advantage of the area's bars and loose interpretation of the law.


The Stacks are a marvel of architecture, engineering, and strong glue. They are so chaotic that the streets appear to be simply whatever space one can find between, around, above or even below the buildings; they are unmarked and unpaved. The buildings themselves have been constructed slap-dash with cheap wood and scavenged materials, and they have all the cohesiveness of a psychotic patchwork quilt. Above the street, drying laundry is strung between the second stories of the houses; the clothes look tattered and old. The college town is a warren of streets and walkways, with innumerable back alleys, hiding places, and escape routes.

Many business signs hang in the dark doorways, advertising various taverns, novelty shops, and convenience stores. The white glow of naphtha lamps shines out from windows onto the dirt street below, adding some cheer to the place.

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