The Rose Arena

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Located in the less than savory Voedale district, The Rose Arena is one of the more violent places of entertainment in the harbor. Founded around the time Silas first came into power, the Arena is home to some of the toughest and saltiest pit fighters this side of Anaxas. Galdor, human or wick, it doesn't matter who you are, the Arena has a match up perfectly suited for you. The fights happen every night, and more often then not they are mortally wounding or fatal. Many a debt to Silas has been paid through flesh and blood in the Arena. The place is more often than not filled, though it is overwhelmingly packed during season finals.

Much like the Mad Queen's motto regarding their own selection of delights, nothing is off limits, provided you can pay. Gambling is a huge industry in the Arena, and there are a few key players that currently hold the cards that could almost rival Silas. Almost.

Winning fighters receive a cut of the profits, although there are 'house' fighters who receive not cut. Whilst not officially called as such, these fighters are indebted slaves to the owner of the Arena. They receive no pay, and sleep in the dismal accommodation provided under the pit.

Each season there is a ladder, and the fighters who participate in it (and win) can recieve a huge payout above the 30% cut.


Located right in the center of the worst neighborhood in Old Rose Harbor, the Rose Arena appears to be a huge warehouse on the outside, with blacked out windows and a well guarded front entrance. Inside the huge wooden building, one will find themselves faced with a ring made of high wire fencing surrounded by a bare floor ready for people to flock and stand around the ring. A second level provides more space to stand, and priority VIP seating giving a brilliant top down view of the pit itself. There is a third floor, which the owner uses as his own personal residence and office. It is extremely lavish with a glass floor cut out to see straight down over the pit. This third floor also has a separate set of slaves to cover the man's every need, as well as a kitchenette and a bathroom with working toilet and bath. At the rear of the fenced pit is a fenced walkway that is build into a doorway that leads down into the basement of the Arena.

Under the floor, one will find a preparation area, stocked with various melee weapons and dirty medical supplies. To the right there is an archway that leads to the living area for the slaves that live on site, one long room that houses ten spartan beds and a bucket for waste in the corner. Conditions are poor, and most of the slaves have open sores, either from fighting or from unacceptable sanitary conditions. To the left is a small kitchen, stocked with scraps and half rotten food that is provided from the other businesses around the city, barely more than garbage. Under the floor of the kitchen is a stock of the cheapest ale Master Boriand can find, provided to patrons of the Arena at a ridiculous price.

Master Boriand, owner and founder of the Arena, was once an officer in the Seventen of Vienda. He was caught on patrol selling 'evidence' that had been taken from the local drug racket to the poor and needy of the city, and rather than be prosecuted, Boriand fled to the Rose. Needing a quick buck, and hiding from his own people, Boriand took up with the freshly created Bad Brothers at the time to do odd jobs for Silas. It wasn't long before he ran into his first bit of action, an out and out fist fight with a pirate down on his luck. Much to Boriands delight, people flocked to the fight, even placing bets on which man would come out on top. Bloodied and battered, Boriand fought till the end, strangling the life out of the man under him with bare hands. Alive, bloodied and a little richer than before, the idea for the Arena came to him then, and with his winnings Boriand made a deal with Silas. He would open the arena in turn of providing ten percent of the profits made to the King himself. And the rest was history.


  • Participation in a fight is free for your first match, a ha'bird every fight there after.
  • Winning participants receive a maximum 30% cut, and this varies on the odds (eg: if you are expected to win, the odds would not be in your favour therefore your cut would be 10%. If you are expected to loose, but manage to win, you would get the full 30%)
  • Losers get no pay out.
  • Spectating is a ha'penny for ground floor, a penny for second floor, two pennies for VIP.
  • Slaves do not pay for fighting entry, but also receive no profits.
  • Ale can be purchased for a quart'penny. Its really crappy ale. Drink at your own risk.


  • Master Boriand - Mid forties, galdor, black hair and gold rimmed green eyes. Unusually well built for a golly, but short and stocky. No facial hair. Dresses well. Oozes with sleaziness.