The Night Blossom

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The Night Blossom
The Night Blossom.jpg
Location Information
Name The Night Blossom
Location The King's Court, Old Rose Harbor, Anaxas
Type Business
NPC Information
Proprietor Silas Hawke
Employees Bastian Sutton (manager), Adeline Luecke (one of the waitresses), Oliver Douglas (one of the bartenders), Lucy Babineaux (PC singer)
Play Status
Play Status PM mods for permission


By all outward appearances, The Night Blossom is just a well-kept house in the King's Court. It's painted a deep purple, with navy trim.

Inside, things are much different. The first floor is a tavern, where singers and performers entertain the crowd as waitresses and waiters ensure that the clientele has the best food, drink, and (if you know who and how to ask) drugs they could desire. The furniture and décor are of the highest quality, ensuring that the clientele feel as if they are in the lap of luxury. The Night Blossom is known for its beauty and, to keep that reputation up, everyone who works at the club is attractive.

The second floor has a handful of meeting rooms and 3 private rooms that can be rented for the night. The private rooms are not rooms that are intended for sexual purposes. (Go to The Mad Queen for that!) They are intended for intimate performances and parties or conversations where security is a requirement. Bouncers are be assigned to each private room when it's rented to both ensure that the privacy of the people renting the room is not violated and to ensure that any performers rented for the night are not violated.

History and Operation

The Night Blossom is an exclusive club for those who are either very wealthy or in Hawke's graces. Admission is by invitation only, usually given by Hawke himself or someone close to him. The members include Big Brothers, important businessmen, politicians, and other important figures.

There is a strict no violence policy and bouncers wander the tavern, breaking up fights and kicking people out. If someone becomes a consistent problem, their invitation will be revoked.

There is entertainment of all sorts, from your usual musicians and comics to burlesque shows and acrobatic acts. There are even a few exotic dancers. It is considered a privilege to get an audition at The Night Blossom, and very few people get the manager's notice. There are some things that might get you noticed quicker; doing a lot of performances around ORH or being galdori are two ways that might get you noticed.

There is also a rule that you cannot touch the staff of The Night Blossom outside of platonic touch to get their attention. The manager of The Night Blossom is devoted to making sure that his establishment doesn't devolve into a whorehouse, as he does not want to compete with Scarlett Jezebel. Someone who gets handsy with the help will be kicked out for the night. If they continue to violate this rule, they will have their invitation revoked.

The bouncers also ensure that clientele who are getting a bit hot and heavy are told to take it elsewhere. Manager Sutton is really paranoid about stepping on Scarlett Jezebel's toes.

Services Offered

Food, drink, drugs, entertainment, and meeting rooms.


See NPCs (to come).

Lucy Babineaux is one of the singers at The Night Blossom.