The Medicine Hut

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As wild and chaotic as Old Rose Harbor can be at any given time, there is one place where trouble rarely travels. The Medicine Hut rests near the water's edge, and the clamor from the rest of the town seems to quiet as one approaches the place. The hut is a small, simple one; it looks like absolutely nothing special, and carries no sign of what it offers. Then again, this hut does not need a sign.

The interior of the hut is usually full of sweet-smelling incenses, the only light coming from large, dripping candles, which adorn the shelves around the walls. The ceiling is low, and one might feel a little stooped entering through the doorway. In the center of the small room there are a few mattresses on the floor - clean, but obviously careworn - and a bundle of blankets. Bundles of herbs and bottles of medicine line shelves near the back of the hut.

You are greeted by an elderly couple: a thin old witch with stark white hair pulled into a bun, and a large beefy wick who seems to occupy most of the space in the hut. You notice the woman has six fingers on her left hand. They are both smiling, and seem relatively happy.

The medicine hut's reputation is that of reliable service and friendly care. It is unknown how the couple get by, financially; often they will not charge for services. Nearly everyone in Old Rose has paid a visit to the hut at some point or other, whether for minor injuries or grievous ones.