The Illustrated Man

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Marked from the outside only by the distinctly painted sign, The Illustrated Man has remained fairly unchanged for nearly fifty years. Located just south of the Trader’s Market, this tattoo shop is close enough to attract the eye of those sailors and merchants looking to be marked in a foreign port. Founded by Cezare Minke almost half a century ago, the shop specializes in nautical motifs and intricate body art popular in the Wick community.

Upon his death, Cezare bequeathed the shop to his protégée and granddaughter, Cezelia, to whom he taught his signature style. While she continues to cater to clients looking for maps of the harbor, sea life, and other permanent mementos of their harbor visits as well as long-time residents, she has expanded the business to include trade. For a cut of fabric or piece of gold jewelry, Cezelia is more than happy to impart within the flesh some splendidly colourful image which she deems equal in value.