So You Want To Be A Student

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So you want to play a student, eh? Here are some guidelines for what would be expected of you.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to throw themselves headfirst into their studies, putting their educations above everything else, including socialization, work and their families. For the most part, students do this anyway, due to enormous societal and familial pressure. Students should put time into their education outside of classes as well as during them, taking the initiative to study and explore on their own, without help from teachers. Students who do this tend to excel. Asking for extra help from teachers is common, but teachers prefer it if students try on their own first.

Students are expected to stick to their Class Schedules and only miss classes when ill or dealing with other personal matters that have been previously given permission for, whether it is a family matter or otherwise. Travel times are taken into account for all necessary absences and students are often given their work to complete while away in advance. For students who miss too much class time during the terms, Summer and Winter Break intensives or make-up classes are available.

Apart from following the rules of the University, students are expected to be shining examples of galdori youth: polite, well-rounded, knowledgeable and respectful of their elders and professors. Manners are of great importance, and students who do not show respect to their teachers will get demerits. To foreign guests or visiting professors, students must show the highest level of courtesy.

Each student is expected to have a focus of study, a single area in which they excel. This might be a school of magic, but it could also be a non-magical pursuit such as science, engineering or politics.

Rules for Students

Students must not harm another student intentionally; accidents happen during magical duels, but the intent must be purely academic. Harming another students with intent to maim or kill is very serious, and will result in expulsion from school.

Students are not allowed to leave campus except during holidays or for special circumstances, like illness or family crisis.

Students must abide by their curfew; for students in 4th year or lower, this is 28 o'clock, and older students must be in their dormitories by midnight. After 16 years old, there is no curfew, but students are expected to keep their own schedules.

While there is no role taken, students are expected to attend classes on their own steam; not attending class can result in an academic probation or a hearing if the truancy is extreme.

  • Students in 4th year and under may not keep pets in their joint dormitories. When students get their own rooms, they may keep small pets.
  • In Kingdom Universities with passive staff, students may not abuse the passive servants or send them on errands; they are considered the property of the school.
  • Students may not cause destruction to the premises and must be good stewards of all campus materials and locations.
  • Students must abide by general Kingdom Law of their current University.
  • Students may not steal books from the generous University library system or borrow them without checking them out.

Consequences for Students

Demerits - students must work off demerits for teachers and other faculty, usually doing tasks like extra homework, filing and organizing, sending messages, etc. (Physical labor is rare, but not unheard of with some teachers.) Demerits are the usual punishment for manners and ethics violations such as rudeness, disruptiveness in class, stealing, etc.

Detention - only given to the unruliest of students, this punishment is meant to force students to focus on their studies; it is the usual punishment for failing grades.

Academic Probation - the step after detention for students who are doing poorly in school. Academic probation strips students of their rights, including visits to the Stacks and family, and puts them on a strict schedule intended to get them back on the right track.

General Probation - a severe punishment for a student who has committed one or more serious infractions. General probation also strips students of their rights, confining them to the school area. They are under constant watch by a proctor and have a strict curfew.

Disciplinary Hearing - the final step before expulsion (which is rare). The student must go before the Chairs and the Headmistress and explain his actions, arguing for why he should remain in school. The student has the right to waive the trial and be expelled immediately, if he does not wish to suffer the embarrassment.