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Welcome to the Player Storyline page!

This page is editable by Thorns members. Please do not make any unnecessary changes to this page, as it only exists to link to player storylines. To edit this page, please look for the password on the main page of the forum (you must be logged in to see it).

What exactly is this directory for?

This is a place where you can document your collaborative storylines. This section is not for players to write about their solo achievements, or tell a story only from their own point of view; rather, everyone involved in a storyline is welcome to participate in creating its storyline page. A storyline page will let others in on what's happening with your character and let them catch up on events they may have missed.

How do I format my storyline?

To make a new storyline, edit this page and insert a new link on the Player Storylines list. (Do not delete any existing links or change their spelling in any way.) Save the page, and you should see your link; click on it (it should be grey) and you can begin editing your storyline page. You may be as creative as you like with your storyline pages, and organize them in any way. This Example Storyline will give you a basic layout you can use. If you visit this page, you can go to the Edit tab and copy and paste the markup.

Naming your storyline page is up to you. We suggest you do something memorable and unique. For example, if your storyline involves cows being blown up, you might call it the Explosive Bovine Incident.

What do I include on a storyline?

Storyline pages allow you to document the events in your own roleplay storyline. Others may see your page and read about the events that took place, and want to get involved with your characters. To create a successful storyline page, you'll need to summarize your roleplay storyline, discuss the characters involved, and potentially link to threads, illustrations or whatever else you think might be important. Storyline pages can be collaborative; anyone who is a part of your storyline might want to add to the page.

A template will be available soon.

Player Storylines

A directory of player-led storylines will be found here shortly.