Peregrine Gillespie

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Peregrine Gillespie
Peregrine Gillespie
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Biographic Information
Age 36
Birthday 4th Dentis 2683
Place of Birth Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location Vienda, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdor
Gender Male
Height 5ft 6in
Hair Color Ginger red
Eye Color Blue
Face Claim Wade Holter
Family Wife (deceased), Second Wife (MIA)
Job Title Barrister


Ginger, as any well respecting Anaxi should be, with smooth alabaster skin touched with thousands of fine freckles. His hair is perfectly combed and his eyes a mix between hazel and blue, not quite green as some people would like to believe. He takes extensive pride in his appearance and keeps himself well groomed. Only the slightest touch of wrinkles in the corner of his eyes attest to signs of aging.


Greedy. Peregrine desires more than anything to be part of the ‘It’ crowd, often leaving himself broke for the sake of keeping up appearances. Outwardly, he appears to be fairly respectable, grieving over the loss of his first wife after her long agonizing illness, doting tirelessly on his new conquest. Behind closed doors however, the man is a master of psychological domestic abuse. He uses mind games and narcissism to keep his wife under thumb, making her feel as though she is the issue or the one to blame. He strives to have an heir to continue his family name, and is close friends with Damen D’Arthe, an older galdor who has very similar thought processes. Believes a woman’s place is behind closed doors and has no love for races beyond the galdori supremacy.


Born into the wealth of Vienda, Peregrine has been want for nothing. He grew up learning that women were made for the fulfillment of manly requirements and breeding offspring, and that it was his Alioe given right to be better than anyone else. Loose with his seed, the man raped or romped his way through various women till he married his first wife. Even then, he found pleasure in the depths of others, right until the woman got pregnant. It had taken so long, the man was sure his old Anaxi nag was infertile. Still, beggers can’t be choosers, and he was adequately happy. Except that it didn’t last. The older woman miscarried, and in her sorrow something inside her broke a little. Her mind was not as strong as it could be, and in his vanity Peregrine sought to break the bonds of marriage so he could find a more fertile and less mentally challenged brood mare. As divorce was a messy, complex situation with serious possibility of loosing face, the man found…other ways…to dispose of his unwanted baggage. Some months later, his wife passed away from what has only ever been recorded as an ‘unknown illness’.

Taking a younger, presumably more sturdy wife, Peregrine married Cordelia, and quickly this new wife fell pregnant. What a triumph, an heir to his name! It was however, short lived as the woman miscarried much like his first wife. Peregrine took personal insult to the event, feeling it brought shame on his linage. Consulting with his close friends, Captain D’Arthe and a one Incumbent Madden, Peregrine was convinced the best way to ensure his seed would take in the wench would be to impregnate her as soon as possible post the loss. Unfortunately, the young wife fled his home before he could enact the event, another embarrassing mark on his name. Very rapidly, the man concocted a story, filled with heartache and loss, to cover the shame of having Cordelia run like some escaped passive from Brunnhold.


Peregrine is a practicing barrister under the employ of High Judge Azmus and is what one might call, part of the inner circle of the Drain based on association—even if he doesn’t realize it’s the Drain at all. He is in Damen’s back pocket, and has used his connections to the man to his advantage. Of course, the monthly generous donation he provides to the drug ring—otherwise known as the Order of the Pendulum—keeps this…connectivity…well lubricated. He has a keen desire to make his name in the Order of the Pendulum, and finds it degrading that a woman such as Miss Shuini is further up the so called food chain than himself. He is desperate to get ahead of her, though this is a goal he has not quite realized he won’t win. Where Diaxio has offered loyalty and sacrifice, Peregrine is still too proud to give everything for the Order of the Pendulum.