Old Courthouse

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For years, the Old Courthouse was kept in pristine condition, with repairs and fresh coats of paint applied to make the place seem as important to the village as it was. Three stories tall, though the top is an empty belfry now, the Courthouse was the most modern and expensive building in Bad Aisling. In the recent years, though, the courthouse has fallen into disrepair, with vines of ivy and weeds growing along its lower wooden structure. Partially caved in, the Old Courthouse stands now as a testament to Bad Aisling's propensity to allow its residents to settle their disputes amicably, for which the village is known.


When the village was settled in 2510, the three farming families and the Kents agreed to erect a structure where they could meet on neutral ground to discuss affairs of trade and settle disputes. In the initial years of the village, the four families were not so closely knit, and disagreements sprouted up far more often than today. Paid for almost solely by the Kents, the Courthouse was the first structure erected after each farmstead, and it saw steady use until 2640, where the families had all been comfortable enough with one another to settle disputes outside the Courthouse. It was maintained for a decade or two after, but eventually fell into disrepair. In the current years, there has been discussion to demolish the old structure and replace it with something new, though the families cannot seem to agree on what that structure should be.