Northern Tors

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A passing traveller will notice little life among the rolling hills of the Northern Tors, an area of Anaxas long abandoned by people and animals alike. The Tors are wind-whipped and lonely, catching the air that comes in from the north. Between the tall hills are smatterings of trees and forest. It is said that some mythic beasts live in these forests, unvexed by mankind. What few people do choose to live in the Northern Tors are hardy folk—the rough-hewn hills that overlook Fen Kierden are full of the rare and much-sought after phosphor.

On certain hills, the remnants of lost temples can be seen from far away: stark, aged stone against the green grass. These temples, built to honor the god Vita many thousands of years ago, are comprised of gargantuan rocks, crudely carved and long since toppled over, half-sunken into the ground and covered with the scars and moss of centuries. These ruins look particularly eerie in the moonlight, when they cast long, ghostly shadows and the night wind whistles shrilly through gaps in the stone.

In one particular ruin beside a hill, a small pool of water is continuously filled by a waterfall, which flows down a worn stone carving of a vradire. The water's source appears to be underground, and it is drinkable. You can see the charred remains of a campfire; clearly, this spot has been used many times before as a resting place for travelers.