Names in Mugroba

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Naming Conventions in Mugroba

The Mugrobi language has evolved from Deep Tek, and with it, a traditional naming convention is still sometimes used in the kingdom. Though slowly being supplanted by common Estuan-influenced names, traditional Mugs stick to these conventions.

Male and female first names are often chosen by the parents before even conception, and many have a list of both gender's names in case they have multiple children. Common names are portmanteaus of Deep Tek or Mugrobi words, often with meanings combing the two. These words follow the same linguistic conventions the languages do, with J's sounding as "ch", and hard consonants following doubled vowels. Named like Jafra, Quezton, and Muerdka are common.

Female children are named matrilineally, often taking their mother's first name, following 'pezre' or "daughter of". As an example Muerdka pezre Vriella would be "Muerdka daughter of Vriella".

Male children are named in a patrilineal manner, taking their father's first name following "pez" or "son of". Jafra pez Gahli would be "Jafra son of Gahli".

Upon reaching adulthood, Mugrobi children are able to remove their genealogical naming and adopt a last name of their own choice, should they wish. For traditional Mugrobi, this does not happen often, but with the blending of cultures from other kingdoms, this is becoming more common. Jafra pez Gahli may lose the 'pez Gahli' in preference of a name he chooses, or none at all. It is not uncommon for the Mugrobi who remove their genealogical name to take no last name at all.

Those who choose to keep their surnames as genealogical names make for an easy family history to trace, and many older Mugrobi families pride themselves on their traditional naming cultures.

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