Muluku Islands

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The Muluku Islands, off the western coast of Mugroba, are the hub of the Headlands spice trade. Traders from the Muluku Islands often sell their wares at Old Rose Harbor. This trade route extends all the way to the capital city of Thul Ka.

The Islands are mainly inhabited by wicks, humans and passives (called "imbali"); few galdori venture there. They are tropical and very warm, with many unique and beautiful species of fish and bird. Muluku Island women are said to be the most beautiful in the world.

Some prominent islands:

  • Mere Mauthua the largest island in the Muluku archipelago, with a large harbor town of Laus Oma, as well as several inactive volcanoes and natural lagoons
  • Isla Yambe a small island known for its poppy plantations
  • Isla Ix a tourist island with many resorts and long sandy beaches, visited by wealthier merchants
  • Mere Tautho the second-largest island in the chain, home to many Muluku natives; relatively unimportant in the trade business