Magister Bavaldi

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Dark and mysterious, Magister Bavaldi is one of Brunnhold's most eligible bachelors, and its most intimidating figures. The Magister is always dressed in a full suit of black, with a sweeping cloak and a high collar, cutting an impressive figure as he strides across campus.

He has written dozens of spells, enough to fill a small grimoire. However, he is known more for his ubiquitous presence about the campus; he can often be seen watching female students in the Cloister, smoking an elegant pipe along the Aqueduct, or striding confidently across the Lawn. Because of his strong personality and dark good looks, he is quite popular among Brunnhold's women - when he tests spells on campus, he often accrues a legion of female onlookers, who are more interested in his muscles than his spellword.