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Date 2 Intas, 2719
Location Anaxas
Important Details
Category MainChapter
Plot GenrePolitics
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Event Description

Still hungover from Clock's Eve celebrations, a handful of Anaxas' most powerful players meet in the Paper Tiger in Vienda to discuss the new year and its darkest directions. If the one thing High Judge William Azmus and Silas Hawke, King of the Underworld, have in common, however, it's a strong dislike of the Resistance.

Together with a few other political figures, including Co-Captain Damen D'Arthe of the Seventen's Patrol Division, the group discuss their mutual hatred for the opposition posed by the secretive organization and Silas reluctantly agrees to offer his Bad Brothers as assistance in attempting to squelch their hopeful influence, if only to keep his stranglehold on the Anaxi economy safe and secure and without interference from the government.

Known Participants

Tom Cooke, Silas Hawke, High Judge Azmus, Damen D'Arthe, Julian Megiro