Kent's Inn

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A shabby, two story inn, Kent's is considered the oldest full establishment still in use in Bad Aisling. The foundations are made of stone, which was imported from Vienda at high cost to the Kent family when it was built, most of the building is wooden. The paint on the outside is peeling, and the sign is old and barely legible. The windows are dusty and old, but remain clean enough to see into.

The inside is nice and furnished, homey but not lavish. The main floor is home to three rooms, one being a kitchen, one being a parlour, and one being a dining area. The parlour is the first room entered, and is rather large and filled with old sofas and overstuffed chairs. They aren't great, and are tearing in some places, but they are comfortable and smell like the wood and tobacco of the parlour.

The dining area is home to two long banquet style tables, always neatly set with faded porcelain plates and cups. Breakfast is served in the early morning, lunch at midday, and dinner as the suns begin to set.

The kitchen is small and modest, but is large enough for two or three people to cook simultaneously.

Upstairs is four small rooms. There was never a need for more, though the Kents would offer up the bedrooms in their own small home if there was demand for more space. Each room has a bed, a desk, and a chair.

Services Offered

Kent's offers lodging and refreshments, as well as the local scuttlebutt about the village. The proprietor, Amalthea Kent, is well liked by everyone in the village, and her matronly persona makes others feel at home when around her. She and her two sons, David and Cleo, run the establishment and are generally considered three of the nicest people in the area.

Breakfast often consists of bacon, eggs and a soft cheese, as well as seasonal fruits. Lunch is usually a sandwich and some house fried chips, all made from locally sourced products. Dinner is very nearly always a stew or other hearty meal, depending on Amalthea's mood and the ingredients available.

Beds are singles only, since the space is too small to afford much more. There are a few sheets of paper and a pen on each desk.

Notable NPCs

Amalthea Kent, the owner and proprietor of Kent's Inn. She is a matronly woman of fifty, her hair just now starting to add snow to the darkness of her youth. She has few wrinkles, and is seen with a smile more often than not.

David Kent, eldest son of Amalthea. A strong youth whose true passion is cuisine, he had studied in many parts of Anaxas and adds a special flair to the homecooked meals of the inn. He nearly always wears an apron and a chef's hat, and he keeps himself clean shaven to avoid any hygiene mishaps around the food.

Cleo Kent, the younger of Amalthea's two sons, Cleo is the epitome of hospitality. He handles everything from checking in guests to ensuring they have whatever they need. Handy and capable, he is a proficient carpenter and often upkeeps the inn, doing whatever needs to be done labour wise. He wears a short beard and often dull colours.