Keep a Candle Burning

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Keep a Candle Burning
Date 25 Ophus, 2718
Location Anaxas
Important Details
Category MainChapter
Plot GenreMagic
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Event Description

During winter break when Brunnhold is least populated, a young passive servant experiences their diablerie in the Cafeteria while faculty, students, and staff are still present. Several bystanders are injured, but, most importantly, one sixth year galdor student and one passive are both killed by the uncontrollable magical cold that sweeps through the room. Faculty and staff rush to assist the injured and somehow everyone manages to put aside their differences for a brief moment. This is the first fatal diablerie incident in quite some time on Brunnhold's campus and the repercussions are felt especially hard with new regulations in the 2719 school year when it begins in Intas.

Known Participants

Renard Verene, Netheneale Rami-Savatier, and Orianna Aubellard