Jon Serro

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Jon Serro is the current leader of the freedom fighters of Anaxas. He rose to power three years ago when the old leader, Marcus Ford, was murdered. There were some grumbles about how Serro came into power - he was not close to Ford, and indeed, the two had some disagreements. Serro tended to be more hot-headed, while Ford was not willing to go to extremes. When Serro came to power, the idea that he might have had Ford killed was all but said aloud.

Under Serro's rule, the resistance made some startling headway, succeeding in torching one of the two Grimoire Libraries in Vienda in 2715 and in capturing a mid-ranking member of the Seventen, subjecting him to a series of invasive tortures designed to try interrupt his ability to cast and extracting useful information from him. The resistance is now poised to do greater damage to the galdori infrastructure.

Serro has come under fire for his investigation techniques, which often include torture and targeting civilians. He responds to alegations with his motto "whatever it takes," which has been adopted by several of the more radical members of the resistance.

His location is currently unknown to those outside the inner circle of the resistance.