Income Tiers

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Instead of keeping track of specific amounts of income for your characters, each character instead falls into an Income Tier. With your given Income Tier, you can purchase anything within reason, but it would be of a lower quality than your current Tier level if you don't want to set yourself back for a season or more. If you'd like to purchase something of a size or quantity or quality that seems out of the ordinary for your current level of income (use your wits here or ask a Moderator if you're unsure), then that purchase will set you back a Tier level for at least one season.

  • For Example: If you're at Average Income and own a business that you wish to expand into a larger space with more inventory, finding a new space or building onto your existing space would probably set your character back to Poor for a season while they pay off the construction and take on new inventory.
  • A Poor character, for another example, could afford shabby clothing, but in order to purchase fancier or better quality clothing, they would have to drop an Income Tier (to Destitute) for a season because of the extent of their spending. Better clothing or new equipment may allow them more opportunity, however, and so they probably won't stay Destitute for long!
  • One last example: So say you’re in the Wealthy tier, but you want to buy a Mansion. Wealthy tier can afford Manors, but not Mansion. You decide to purchase the Mansion but it drops you to Poor for a few seasons. So you eat canned beans but you live in the outskirts of Vienda in a lovely, spacious Mansion.

Please note that while all races can reach for Wealthy or Opulent Income Tiers through gameplay, a non-galdori in major cities such as Vienda and Brunnhold will be subject to the suspicion and scrutiny of the Seventen for reaching anything above Average income. Galdori do not typically live in Old Rose Harbor, and those galdori that choose to do so will be subject to the taxes and suspicion of the Bad Brothers upon reaching above Average income. Galdori will arrest and seize the property of lower races they decide are "too successful," assuring their continued place of authority above others. They will also revoke the writs that a wick must have in order to work and live in Vienda should they deem the wick too successful or too much of a troublemaker to keep around.

Enjoy the guidelines below to get a feel for both your income status as well as suggestions for starting equipment upon character creation, then move onto Property and Inventory for further information.

Income Tier Descriptions


Slaves, indentured servants, and Gated passives are all considered in Servitude when it comes to Income. That means any of their belongings are what is given to them and/or whatever they manage to borrow, grift, and steal without getting caught. Personal affects may not even be allowed, depending on their circumstances. Those in Servitude are unable to purchase anything from any Tier without permission from a Moderator, and it must be at the Income Tier dictated by their Master. All Gated Passives begin the game in Servitude.

Starting Package

Those beginning the game in Servitude begin play with no housing other than their owner chooses to provide. They are allowed one set of clothing, toiletries, and a single personal affect of the player's choice, be it an heirloom or something else. If you have questions about what to choose, don't hesitate to contact a Moderator.


Those who are Destitute can not get by entirely on their own. They rely on the hand outs and good will of others or they take what they can in order to survive. They are homeless, have the poorest quality of equipment and clothing, and are unable to purchase goods above the Poor Tier without moderator permission or an extreme circumstance. Free Passives begin the game Destitute or Poor.

Starting Package

Those beginning the game Destitute begin play with no housing or property of their own, but may be renting or squatting somewhere, most likely with rather unfavorable conditions. They may own a kint or a wagon, but it will be in disrepair. They are allowed two sets of clothing in poor quality, may start the game with a weapon, toiletries, limited equipment for their occupation within reason, and a personal affect of their choice (heirloom, pet, potted plant, etc.).


Those who are Poor are barely scraping by, living coin to coin and day to day. They no longer rely on the hand outs of others, but if someone were to offer them their good will, they certainly wouldn't turn it down. They have the lowest of living conditions next to the street, have Average or Poor equipment and clothing, and are unable to purchase goods above the Average Tier without moderator permission or an extreme circumstance. Humans and Wicks can begin play in Servitude, Destitute or Poor. Free Passives may begin the game Destitute or Poor but not Average.

Starting Package

Those who begin the game Poor are allowed to own or rent property within reason, be it a small parcel of land, a kint, or a business. Any lower race who owns property within a city or a township is still technically renting from a galdor somewhere up the chain, so please keep this in mind. A Poor character can have more than one outfit of clothing, within reason. They can own a weapon or two, have a pet, grow crops or keep an inventory of goods, keep livestock, etc. They will start with toiletries, poor quality equipment appropriate to their career, and whatever else you feel you need to begin your story. Ask a Moderator for help if you need it; our Discord is a fabulous place for bouncing ideas off of people. Poor conditions are the humble beginnings of most lower races, whether they're a nomadic tribal wick or a human farmer.


Those who make Average Income are finally getting by. They may have a bit of cash hidden away in savings. They may have some leisure, but not much. They work hard for where they are and fill the rank and file of the population as humans, wicks, and galdor alike. They have a decent home, rented or owned, and are able to purchase almost anything from the Price List. Wealthy Tier purchases set them back for a Season to Poor Tier, but they do not lose what they have. Most galdori begin the game Average.

Starting Package

Those who begin the game at Average income are allowed to own or rent property within reason for their occupation, be it a decent-sized farm or a functional storefront. Any lower race who owns property within a city or a township is still technically renting from a galdor and any galdor of average income is most likely renting from a wealthier galdor instead of outright owning their own property. A character with Average income has enough clothing for all seasons, can begin play with weapons and equipment necessary for their profession, as well as begin with a personal affect of their choice, be it an expensive heirloom or a special item of value.

As Average income is where players of all races may eventually find themselves lingering at while in play, keep in mind that there are many levels of Average income, and galdori of Average income will most likely have servants while lower races of Average income would most likely have apprentices and assistants at their businesses. Not everyone making Average income is running a solo show, so don't hesitate to flesh out your character and their lives as suits your narrative, using your best judgment.


Those who are Wealthy want for nothing except perhaps Opulence. They can have what they want, when they want it, from goods to living conditions. They have leisure, and perhaps even Servants of their own. They are more likely than not to be galdori. They can purchase anything from the Price List at Good quality. If they wish to purchase something at a higher quality, this will set them back to the Average Tier for a Season, but they will not lose anything they already have. Only galdori can begin the game Wealthy with moderator permission.

Starting Package

Those who begin the game at Wealthy will almost always be galdori and will be allowed to own outright their homes, their businesses, their land, and rent a factory in the Soot District to conduct manufacturing if that is your business of choice. Your character will have access to clothing and equipment of their choice, transportation if you desire, servants, and other such things. You're welcome to ask the Moderators for ideas if you find this much freedom overwhelming, but please use your best judgment upon character creation in order to give yourself goals to work towards as a writer.


Those who live in Opulence have no concept of what they cannot have, nor is anything entirely out of their reach. They have leisure, they have servants, they have more than one dwelling. They are, with rare exception, almost always galdori. They can purchase anything from the Price List at Best quality, and if they want to purchase Extravagant or Masterwork goods, that sets them merely back to Wealthy for a Season. Players cannot begin the game in Opulence.

Starting Package

There is very little an Opulent character wants for. This is somewhat of a moot situation to describe in terms of inventory.

Progressing Through Income Tiers

All progress through Income Tiers must be made through role play. Players must write one job thread each season for each profession (players may have up to two professions per character, though they still only have one Income Tier).

  • Destitute to Poor - Get a job, write one Job Thread
  • Poor to Average - 3 total seasons of Job Threads
  • Average to Wealthy - 6 total seasons of Job Threads
  • Wealthy to Opulent - 9 total seasons of Job Threads

Yes, that's 18 real life months to go from Destitute to Opulent (9 seasons of job threads, each season being 2 months) as a character without special moderator approval or a particular moderated bonus.

All job threads are cumulative—miss one and there's no penalty; walk away from the game for a while and you can pick up where you left off. If you write a job thread for every season of the year, you earn a purchase from one tier above yours without penalty as a consecutive bonus.

Racial Limitations

Upon character creation, the races are limited in their Income Tier Choices as seen below:

  • Gated Passives: Servitude Only
  • Free Passives: Destitute or Poor Only (Average with moderator permission depending on their starting package)
  • Humans: Servitude, Destitute, or Poor (Average with moderator permission depending on their starting package)
  • Wicks: Servitude, Destitute, or Poor (Average with moderator permission depending on their starting package)
  • Galdori: Average (Wealthy with moderator permission depending on their starting package)
  • Raen: Depends on their chosen body's race.

As a character progresses through their Income Tier, they will also find themselves limited by both their race and location. Please see each race and location in order to understand the various limitations presented to each character.