Improper Acquisitions

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Improper Acquisitions
Date 8 Ophus, 2718
Location Anaxas
Important Details
Category MainChapter
Plot GenreCrime
Thread Type Moderated

Event Description

The Bad Brothers decided to act upon a well-vetted rumor about the arrival of another shipment of The Drain's infamous and insultingly named opiate, King's Crop, by attempting to intercept its arrival in Old Rose Harbor.

A handful of Brothers, some aware, some not so aware, found themselves caught up in the trap that the rumor turned out to be. The Drain had been expecting Silas Hawke all along! Gunfire and magic broke out in the streets and while no Brother was seriously injured, their rivals and the drugs barely managed to escape capture, leaving Hawke embarrassingly empty-handed and clocking pissed off.

Known Participants

Corwynn, Leander Aguilar, Ketziana Dimere, Kit Evadine, and Tristaanian Greymoore