High Judge Azmus

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William Azmus is High Judge of the Court of Anaxas. He came into the position seven years ago (2711) and has since proven to be a ruthless and merciless judge, exerting particular wrath upon the wicks that are brought to his courtroom. He has viciously lobbied against wicks and passives (whom he dubs "degenerates") and has tried numerous times to curtail their rights and privileges under the law. It is common knowledge that he controls a good portion of Congress - his control over the aging King Taelin is not subtle, and Low Judge Ogden seems quite willing to do his bidding.

Azmus has a strained relationship with Queen Ester; he believes her to be too soft on enforcing segregation between humans and galdori. It is reported that the Queen disapproves of him as well, especially considering his controversial remarks regarding her health ("Well, she'll be dead soon anyway" - Roalis 13th, 2716).

His tactics against the wick community have not earned him much popularity among the galdori, many of whom have wick or passive family members and believe he is being too harsh on them. Wicks consider him the most dangerous man in the government.

Currently, Azmus is attempting to shut down the annual traditional Wick Festival on Surwood Isle; which runs every year across the season of Bethas.