Haverton Pier

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Haverton Pier is a raised dock that extends from the east peninsula of Old Rose Harbor into Mahogany Bay.


Haverton Pier is the largest, longest pier in Old Rose, extending halfway into the bay. By day, it is a loud and noisy place, with ships coming and going, sailors and captains shouting orders, and crates of supplies being shifted to and from the Harbor itself. Ships of every variety are moored at the docks, from the largest freighter vessel to the smallest dinghy. The sun's light gleams off the waves and the sounds of the beach can be barely heard above the noise, mixing with the frantic cries of gulls. A few merchants hawk their wares along the walks, usually selling trinkets or good luck charms; they insist that a hingle's foot will help guard against bad luck at sea.

At night, however, the pier is calm and peaceful, and can be a pleasant place to walk or hold a meeting. The phosphor lanterns that are mounted on the pilings come alive, and light up the dock with a haunting glow. Along with the gentle lull of the waves crashing against the beach, the pier seems almost romantic.