Hanz Morde

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Hanz Morde has been the leader of The Seventen for over twenty years. It is unknown exactly how old he is; some suggest he is in his late sixties, though he shows no signs of slowing down.

Several decades ago, Morde was injured and his left leg had to be amputated. When he came into his current position, he commissioned a group of scientists to install a steel leg in its place. The joint in this leg is operated with a complex design of clockwork and pneumatic pumps; it causes a characteristic hissing noise wherever he walks. This sound has become synonymous with impending arrest.

Morde's aggressive policies of pursuing wrongdoers and punishing even very small crimes is legendary. Galdori tend to see him as a reformer, one who has seemingly banished crime from the streets of Vienda. Others see Morde as a power-hungry and intolerant man, one more concerned with his arrest quota than with facts and evidence.

"He was impressive, to say the least - a mighty chrove of a man, broad-shouldered and taller than most; his face was streamlined and intelligent, which somehow only added to the sense of barely restrained brutality."

"Where his left leg should have been was a clanking, wheezing machine, composed of wheels and pneumatic tubes grinding together as he walked. It was a hideous-looking contraption, seeming more organic than man-made, and the sounds it made were like the last breaths of a strangled man, groaning and hissing in agony."