Final days of Ethseeda Gior

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Final days of Ethseeda Gior
Type Myth
Kingdom of Origin Gior
Racial Origins Passive
Important Details
Legality Legal
Accessibility Rare

Written by a passive author known as Javekan Inaute, during the final years of Aminark Giore's rule. The pages are not all legible, and a lot of it has been lost to the cruel hands of time, but there are snippets that have been captured below.

  • No more did the Da Giore matriarch fear for her people, for her people had found safety within the womb of the mountain.
  • ...for it was she who spoke the true words of Imaan...and...for those who would seek the truth... (partial reconstruction)
  • He cried out, "O Great One, we follow your wisdom for it... (partial reconstruction)
  • But Kaelm did not heed Aminark, thrice he returned to that most unholy place. Thrice he conspired. Thrice he betrayed.
  • And so unto The Deep, did Aminark banish Kaelm and his followers, to hide the forbidden prose lest they too suffer the fate of The Lost Ones.
  • ...her aged face, so weary in its wisdom, did take in the many generations around her bed. Ethseeda, O great mother of Giore and its peoples, did close her pale rose eyes one last time and walk with Imaan to the... (partial reconstruction)