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A tart hallucinogenic which is said to make one meet one's soul
Type Drug
Origins Mugroba
Important Details
Availability Rare
Price Moderate
Legality Legal

Dzos'ayo is an entheogenic brew made of the edu'ed cactus, found in the Shifting Desert of Mugroba. It is pale greenish-gray in color, with a distinctive tart taste.


Dzos'ayo induces strong hallucinations, which can incorporate all five senses (or even six, including reported field interactions). These hallucinations can last for one to two hours. Coming down from the drug may involve nausea, sensitivity to light, gastric issues, headaches, and extreme fatigue.

Additional Notes

Dzos'ayo has historically been popular among both galdori and wicks. Generally, it is taken with a guide, who leads the ingester through their trip. The hallucinations experienced are considered to allow one to meet their soul, and what is experienced during a dzos'ayo trip is often of heavy spiritual importance.

Note that among galdori, it is considered highly taboo for a passive to ingest dzos'ayo. Wicks have no such restrictions around parse, who participate in the usage of the drug as freely as anyone else.