Drah Lie

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Drah Lie is a human town situated in the centre of Gior, right on a large river.

Drah Lie sits like a small jewel on the edge of the river, overlooking the wide waters and sweeping mountainous landscape of Gior. The people that live here are peaceful, with a slight Bastian flair. Humans that travel from other countries to Gior quite often end up in Drah Lie as musicians, cooks, artists and other such gentle professions.

There are no local galdori in Drah Lie, though a small smattering of Hessean galdori are known to reside there. Often humans from Hesse and Bastia are also found here.

Some places of note:

  • Sadieys - a rather quaint establishment, where townsfolk and visitors can find a nice warm meal or a soft bed for the night
  • The Quarry - the local tavern, where all the towns people come to have a drink and a chat after work
  • Floral Connections - a well known florist that spills onto the street before the business. Sells Imaans Breath blossoms for a rather hefty price
  • Market Square - a huge market set up on the bridge leading over each half of the township, held twice a week
  • Blackfoot Forge - a simple forge for all your weapons, horseshoes and other such metalworking needs