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Dorhaven is a town situated on a tall hill near the Wraithwine Wood. It has a small, mostly human population. In recent years, Dorhaven has transformed from a sleepy little town to a bustling tourist trap. Galdori have discovered the potential for cheap and quiet housing in Dorhaven, and many wicks occasionally stop by to ply their trade and sell their wares.

A large portion of the Dorhaven economy comes from their proximity to the wood. It is a popular destination for galdori looking to "get away from it all" and enjoy a view of the Wraithwine treetops. Several large fields nearby are also a prime location for magical duels, parties and other activities. It is a popular destination for students on break from Brunnhold.

The humans of Dorhaven object to this sort of thing, but are powerless to act - the galdori mayor, Bram Dowell, is enjoying the attention the small town is getting.

In recent years, the town has become a suspected Resistance HQ, though no one yet has been able to proove this.