Diaxio Shiuni

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Diaxio Shiuni
Diaxio Shiuni
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Biographic Information
Age 27
Birthday 79th Roalis 2692
Place of Birth Aexx Aora, Hox
Current Location Vienda, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdor
Gender Female
Height 5ft 9in
Hair Color Black, almost a deep blue in the right light
Eye Color Green
Face Claim Dichen Lachman
Family Brother (alive, Hox), Mother (deceased, Hox) Father (deceased, Hox)
Job Title Citizen of Vienda


Her Hoxian heritage is clear, with high cheekbones and a fine thin nose. Almond shaped green eyes and porcelain skin. Her black hair is long and straight, catching undertones of blue in strong lighting. She favours high waisted skirts and blouses, usually from fine silks. Her face always seems to be on the cusp of releasing some sarcastic snark. She is soft spoken, though it is not without authority or power.


Deceiver. Diaxio has mastered the art of lies and deception. Her ability to keep a poker face no matter the situation has made her the perfect agent for The Drain. She is heartless, and will stop at nothing to come out on top. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and has multiple aces up her sleeve. She is creative and cruel, and knows how to play the game. Unassumingly dangerous for those who don't know her true nature. She is fiercely loyal to her employers.


Diaxio was raised in her early years by her brother, poor by societies standards in their Hoxian hometown. Their parents had both taken up the life of exploration, leaving the children in the hands of servants who for lack of better terminology, found ways to avoid doing their duty. One pristine summer day both of them set out on a trip to Anaxas, a study of the mists that shrouded the forests in the east, and they never returned. Her brother was not cruel, but he was not kind. The children grew up in a home of toleration but not love. At the age of ten, she presented to Frecks with average talent, and in a bold move the older boy decided it would be better for Xi if she were to school in Brunnhold. This would leave him free from the burden of caring for his younger sibling.

The Hoxian girl was sharp, cold to most of the other students, save for Charity D'Arthe, whom she developed a strong friendship with. Unfortunately when Charity found herself heart torn over another student, Diaxio was left in the dust. Angry and alone, she fell in with the wrong crowd, and before long found herself partaking in illict activities within the Stacks and beyond. The money her brother reluctantly shared with her only funded this activity, and at the end of sixth form she was folded into the upper circle of The Drain. Her quick wit and poker face earnt her small jobs at first, luring other students into the market to keep turn over at an all time high. Eventually though, she progressed up the chain, taking up the role of negotiator in high profile contracts and arranging the demise of clientele who tried to escape the circle.

As an adult, Diaxio is high up the food chain in the Viendan cell of The Drain. She doesn't have a job on paper as such, but she is wealthy and well connected. She is at every social function, and seems to know every important person in the city. Her web is wide and inescapable. If you take any form of drugs in Vienda, you can be assured Diaxio knows.


Diaxio is working for The Drain as a peddler as well as a skilled negotiator. She closes high profile deals, arranges lucrative new galdori to become embroiled in the ring and if requires, organises assassinations of problematic people.