Depths of Madness

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Depths of Madness
Date 5 Ophus, 2718
Location Gior
Important Details
Category MainChapter
Plot GenreMagic
Thread Type Other

Event Description

The mysterious Deep beneath the Temple of Qrieth, Gior has been sealed off from exploration for decades. Nauleth Siordanti, a Professor of Physical Conversation from Brunnhold, Anaxas, promised his magical and scientific breakthroughs in electricity would allow for safer methods of returning to the Deep for academic studies.

While the ruling family of the Huanes were interested in returning not for intellectual research but for powerful political secrets, neither group of explorers were prepared for the horrible magical discoveries made in the cold, low-oxygen depths of the Maw—a rift in the ley fabric of Vita itself, hatchers, and even a mythical beast!

Known Participants

Athrym Bruthgrave, Nauleth Siordanti