Day of Fools

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Day of Fools
Date Dentis 18
Kingdom of Origin Anaxas
Racial Origin Wick

The Day of Fools is a wick holiday that celebrates showmanship and surreal humor. During the day, wicks are mysteriously absent from daily activities - they are preparing for sundown, when they take the town by force, parading up and down the street, setting off fireworks, playing traditional music and generally causing a ruckus. Jugglers, fire-eaters, fortune-tellers and others ply their trade for hours. The day is a great earner for wicks, who often use the money they earn on the Day of Fools throughout the entire year, or to help fund the next year's Wick Festival.

Observers of the parade are encouraged to wear decorative masks or hoods, and the wicks on parade tend to dress up in strange costumes that resemble animals or mythic beasts. There is usually a long vradire costume with several wicks inside leading the parade.

The day is greatly loved by children, who join the wick parades and often wave banners, toss confetti or carry small lanterns to light the way of the procession. Most are allowed to stay up past their bedtime.

Due to its reputation as a troublemaking holiday, the Day of Fools is frowned upon by the galdori establishment.