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Welcome to Summer Season 2720!


The Summer Season constitutes one long, eighty-day month, Roalis. Out-of-character, the season is anticipated to run from January 1st to March 1st, 2021, but Thorns plans to be flexible based on its community and current player plotlines.

Flexibility has been the theme for 2020 in the Thorns community. These have been unprecedented times, and going forward, we want to think about current events and story arcs more fluidly. We also want to consider how to change plots on the wiki and our cycle of seasons better to reflect player interests and pace, as well as staff capacity. Hang in there for changes, and never hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions.

Please note: players are welcome and encouraged to thread through all of 2719 without requiring a memory thread label. However, at this time, any new threads in 2718 or before are considered memory threads.

Season Overview

Summer comes to the midlands in warm temperatures and vibrant blooms after a heat wave at the end of Loshis and Hamis. The turbulent political season is over, and politicians return to their native kingdoms and capitals from Thul Ka, though some stay behind to finish preparations for the next rainy season. The galdori universities let out for summer break, though many students choose to undertake special projects or study abroad.

Tensions in the Anaxi capital are at an all-time high. The summer solstice falls on the 65th and is met with much revelry, especially among Anaxi humans, who revere the solstices as harbingers of change. In the wake of the political season, the Seventen are particularly alert for Resistance activity.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2720's weather data as well as 2719 and 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

If you'd like to see what Main Chapters and Player Storylines are currently seeking participants, please visit those sections of the Lore.

Rainy Season Important Events


The Mugrobi Day of Union opens Roalis on the third, the controversial holiday celebrating the unification of Mugroba under galdori imperialism many years ago. While the day is bitter — or bittersweet — for many humans and wicks, particularly desert nomads, the capital is still full of festivities. The day is considered the anniversary of the beginning of Mugroba’s arcane renaissance, and strings of colorful lanterns are hung from the Palace walls to points all around the city.

Important Events