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Welcome to Spring 2720!


The Spring Season encompasses the months of Intas and Bethas, each of which are 40 days long. This season runs out-of-character from May 1st to June 30th, 2020, but Thorns plans to be flexible due to uncertainties and difficulties in real life during this time.

Please note: players are welcome and encouraged to thread through all of 2719 without requiring a memory thread label. However, at this time, any new threads in 2718 or before are considered memory threads.

Season Overview

The six kingdoms have celebrated the new year in their respective ways; Anaxas has ended the year with Clock's Eve, anointing newborns and the elderly and praying for Alioe to fill their cups. For the sister kingdoms, Intas comes in bitter cold, full of blizzards, but eases into a milder Bethas.

2719 marked the final year of the Anaxi Symvoulio. For the first time in ten years, Anaxas is no longer the seat of the six kingdoms’ politics; that honor has passed to Mugroba. Amidst sandstorms and uncertainty, Mugroba spends the springtime preparing for its flood season in Loshis and Hamis, during which the Vyrdag – all the major political authorities in the six kingdoms – will descend upon Thul Ka.

Meanwhile, tensions in Anaxas boil higher and higher. While Alioe’s kingdom has technically passed the torch to Mugroba, the political season – like an inauguration – has not yet finalized the change. Anaxas finds itself at a tipping point: what will happen, when Vienda’s politicians have migrated to Thul Ka for the rainy season? What will happen in the coming years, with the six kingdoms’ eyes no longer on Anaxas?

The Resistance plans in secret; the Bad Brothers keep an eye on the Vein, and the ever-encroaching Drain; the headmistress and chairs of Brunnhold keep an eye on politics while preparing for the new school year. The kingdoms, for the most part, hold their breath.

Temperatures in Anaxas stay cold and windy in Intas, slowly, finally thawing in Bethas. The Great Thaw isn't yet in sight for Hox, and Giorans are also still nestled in the mountains, hiding from their own frigid temperatures. Mugroba settles into its usual heat just in time to welcome politicians from all across the Six Kingdoms.

The days are lengthening after the Winter Solstice in Ophus, creeping toward a full 18-20 hours of daylight in the Midlands during Roalis after the Rainy Season.

Weather Almanac

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Spring Important Events


All Kingdoms welcome the new year on Intas 1st, though Anaxas is most famous for Clock's Eve. All galdori return to school that first week of Intas, usually by the 5th.

In Mugroba, the holiday of Maltalaan is celebrated on Bethas 1st and every wick in the Six Kingdoms knows of the Wick Festival on Surwood Isle in Anaxas that takes place for the entire month of Bethas.

Brunnhold celebrates the Arts Fair from Bethas 15-25th.

Politicians from across the Six Kingdoms also gather in Brunnhold during the first two weeks of Bethas to prepare for the handing over of the Symvoulio fully into Mugroba's hands in the coming Rainy Season.

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