Clock Tower

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Clock Tower
A children's game having to do with the chiming of a clock.
Type Game
Important Details
Kingdom of Origin Anaxas
Racial Origin Unknown

A children's game that is sometimes also enjoyed at parties with adults. Any number of players must stand in a circle together. One player leads with a "tick," the next player "tock," and that is repeated one more time. The fifth player must make a chime noise once, signaling one o'clock. Then the next four players alternate the tick-tock noises. The next two players must chime, signaling two o'clock. This goes on until the tenth hour, and then starts over again. Each player is obviously responsible for remembering what time it is and whether they need to tick, tock, or chime. If a player is wrong, they must sit down and are out of the game. The last one standing is the winner.

Player 1: Tick.
Player 2: Tock.
Player 3: Tick.
Player 4: Tock.
Player 5: Ding! (or whatever chime noise they want)
Player 6: Tick.