Castor Devlin

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Castor Devlin
Castor Devlin
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Biographic Information
Age 58
Birthday Yaris 56, 2660
Place of Birth Dorhaven, Anaxas
Current Location Brunnhold, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdor
Gender Male
Height 5ft 4in
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Face Claim Ralph Fiennes
Family Rachael Devlin (wife, currently estranged)
Job Title Magister, Professor of Perceptive Conversation


Castor Devlin is shorter than the average Anaxi galdor, with darker hair and a more olive complexion than his peers, perhaps speaking of Bastian family ties. He is broad-shouldered and heavier set than his more delicate, younger peers, and he wears his beard and hair well-trimmed and cared for. His spectacles are thick and reveal decades of Perceptive conversation use.

Castor prefers to wear dark colors and tends to overdress for the occasion when invited somewhere.


Professor Devlin is a quiet man, but that doesn't mean he's not at all congenial or social. When in the right situations, he can be impressively convivial and full of a sharp wit that often leaves his audience laughing, but he is also an intensely private and secretly driven man. So much so that he could more specifically be described as mysterious. He's often tired, always in motion, and seems to be prone to disappearing without notice.

A brilliant professor, if not a somewhat abstract one, Castor can best be described as a thorn in Headmistress Ophelia's side. Since his wife left in early Intas 2718, Mister Devlin has been far more difficult to get a hold of, often missing his office hours and requiring a substitute for his classes.


Aptitude Skills







Focus Skills


Monite (Fluent)
Estuan (Fluent)
Tek (Conversational)


Perceptive (Master)
Static (Elementary)
Quantitative (Intermediate)


Researcher (Proficient)
Professor (Expert)
Monic Theorist (Proficient)


Currently, Professor Devlin is a very controversial figure on Brunnhold's campus. A Magister and professor of Perceptive Conversation, Castor was once known as a very good friend of Ophelia, but their relationship has become more and more publicly strained. Rumors abound that his wife has left him and while he also works in Laboratory Beta with Harper Moore, he has been taking so many frequent trips to Vienda for unknown reasons, that he's becoming more of a silent partner than active participant. While he has told Ophelia his unexplained absences have been to visit a lady friend, Moore believes it's more related to their research. At least he hopes so.