Captain Damen DArthe

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Captain Damen DArthe
Damen D'Arthe
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Biographic Information
Age 55
Birthday 4th Hamis 2663
Place of Birth Florne, Bastia
Current Location Vienda, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdor
Gender Male
Height 5ft 5in
Hair Color Black, leaning into salt and pepper
Eye Color Blue
Face Claim Jeremy Irons

Charity D'Arthe (daugher) Rivaine D'Arthe (wife, deceased)

Mathias Graves (son, assumed deceased)
Job Title Co-Captain of the Patrol Division of the The Seventen


Bastian to his core, Damen has dark hair that is peppered with greys, and a well maintained goatie and moustache. He wears black suits, pristine and well pressed, when not in his overly formal and well decorated uniform. His face is wrinkled from age, but not kindly or welcoming. He wears an almost permanent half frown and holds himself stiffly.


Cruel. The man has a nasty streak to him, and has a reputation of being hard on cadets. He enjoys physical violence against offenders and will very easily turn a blind eye to something if it works in his favour. He has an overbearing abusive, controlling personality with his own interests in mind, and tends to be tempted by power. He's got a plan for his daughter, to ensure his family name and legacy continues.


Damen D'Arthe was born in Bastia, in a time when the fantastic art that defines the country was still finding its feet. His mother was a Perceptive professor in Florne, and his father took up the green's in Anaxas as the Seventen Deputy Chief before it was handed over to Pinter Lars. A hard man, stern man, Damen's father shaped him to enter the academy himself after schooling in Brunnhold. The boy didn't experience 'parental' love in the sense of the word, but instead was drilled to ensure the legacy of the D'Arthe name. Theirs was an older name, from the earlier days of Vita's history, and so they instilled into Damen to keep the family alive and flourishing.

His marriage to a chrove breeders daughter from Gior was arranged by his father and mother, the young woman smuggled away from the country she had lived her whole life in to be his bride given the strained relationship the Da Huanes had with foreigners. It was loveless, but out of the union Rivaine was blessed with two children, whom she showered love and kindness upon. Unfortunately Damen was not the same.

After the passiveness of his son, and the death of his wife, something inside Damen snapped. He lay all his aspirations in his daughter, who he see's as property. An asset to further the family name.


Damen is working as Co-Captain of the Patrol Division in Vienda. He has ties to a significant drug ring within Anaxas, and it is rumoured he is working closely with the Occulus.