Black Dove Tavern

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The Black Dove Tavern is one of the more famous taverns in Old Rose Harbor, located on the west side of town. On any given day, a respectably disreputable crowd can be found within, drinking away their cares and sometimes brawling with impressive ferocity.


The tavern is only distinguished from the buildings around it by a hanging sign, crudely painted with some sort of black fowl; perhaps the artist had heard of a dove, but it was clear he had never seen one. Outside the bar, a louse of a man with grey frizzled hair lies in a stupor; a beggar's cup dangles from his limp hand.

Smoke fills the room from the smoldering hearth as well as the stinking cigars of its patrons, who are lined up along the weathered bar on seats that are nothing more than upturned barrels or stacked crates. Along the back wall, a rickety series of shelves house several dozen twisted, old bottles of spirits. Above the bar, a stuffed crow hangs in eternal flight from the ceiling. It looks decades old, and has lost most of its wing feathers.

The other walls are decorated with various signs, all of which are pictorial - one shows a man stabbing another man, another a man who appears to have a peddler's satchel across his back. These signs have red lines across them; they clearly mean "no stabbing" and "no solicitation." Under the paintings, several tables and chairs are arranged erratically. Many of them are scored with knife-holes or cigarette burns.

A narrow, cramped staircase leads up to the loft, where undoubtedly lice-ridden mats are strewn across the floor, a last resort for a poor pirate looking for a place to rest his head for the night.


  • Mr. Spitz - male human, 43 years old (barkeep)
  • Naulanda - female human, 22 years old (waitress)