Bad Aisling

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A rural farming village five miles due south of Vienda, Bad Aisling is a poor area comprised mostly of small to moderate farms located around a central village hub. Not known for its flashiness or tourism, Bad Aisling is as idyllic a farming community as one could find, and the few guests that pass through on their way to somewhere else are treated with respect and hospitality.

Description of the Village

Bad Aisling is really just a small collection of buildings across three unpaved streets, surrounded by six farms that each specialize in their own market, though one of them is no longer producing. The buildings in the village center are comprised almost entirely of wood, though the inn has a stone foundation. There aren't many luxuries in the small village, but there are a lot of friendly faces, all willing to lend a hand. That is Bad Aisling's most charming feature: the folk who live there.

Because the town is laid out as such, much of the land in between the farms that is directly outside the village center plays host to a market of sorts, where the wagons of the farmers all arrange in a circle. This keeps the square free of any squabbles or deals, and allows the farmers to exchange their goods and produce without the need to deal much in the way of coin. It's still present in the village, but you can earn a night's stay at the inn with the sweat of your brow just as easily as the jingle of your coin.

Notable Places

Kent's Inn - The oldest establishment in Bad Aisling that is not a farm, Kent's Inn has been owned by the Kent family for generations. It's not a lavish establishment, but it does offer clean beds, a warm fireplace, and a nice hearty cooked meal for a very moderate price.

Old Courthouse - Exactly as it sounds, this is the old courthouse that was built when the first farms were erected. This was initially a place to hold inter-family meetings to settle land disputes and discuss trades, but has fallen into disrepair since most of those things haven't changed in generations.

Delia's General Store - Owned by Delia Gertrude, this is the only store in the village. Because most of the trading is done farm-to-farm, Delia specializes in items that aren't produced in the village, such as soap and oils for lamps.

Hazy Market Farms - Owned by Owain Till, Hazy Market Farms is the primary dairy and beef producing farm in Bad Aisling. Before Clydell Salvat's farm burned down, there were two dairy farms, but now Owain and his brother, Rowan, own and operate the one.

Silverside Farms - Perhaps the strangest farm, Silverside specializes in breeding and selling fish for consumption. Because of the success of Cadmus Thorne, the farm is perhaps the wealthiest in the area, which isn't saying much. Set to be inherited by Cadmus' daughter, Sayri, Silverside Farms is one of the primary profitable operations in Bad Aisling.