Anaxi Law

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This game requires you to know the law of the land. Your character won't necessarily have to FOLLOW the law of the land, but knowing what's illegal and what isn't can help you make choices. If you're trying to keep your character out of trouble, it's best to know what will get him into trouble in the first place, and how everything works around here.

Most things that are illegal everywhere are illegal in Anaxas. Murder, of course, is punishable by execution, but you'd be surprised how often people wriggle their way out of the hangman's noose, especially by flashing some coin at the executioner. The system is corrupt, and judges and lawyers easily bribed.

The social lattice forms the crux of law in Anaxas. The more important you are, the more upset people are going to get if you get killed by someone, and the harsher the punishment will be.

Specific Laws

General Laws

  • It is illegal to resist, taunt, attack or otherwise provoke a member of The Seventen, while they are on patrol or otherwise.
  • It is illegal to murder, steal or lie to a government official.
  • It is illegal for any business owner to embezzle funds or hide their money from the government.
  • All yearly income must be reported and all taxes, levees and fees must be paid in full by the New Year.

Laws Concerning Passives

  • It is illegal to attempt to teach a passive the art of magic; this is punishable by heavy fines and possibly imprisonment, as well as the end of your professional career.
  • Passives are not permitted to own land, marry, or have children.
  • Passives are not allowed to read. (Since most passives already know how to read, this rule only applies to literature or grimoires.)

Laws Concerning Humans

  • Humans must apply for permission in order to learn to read and write. (This law is rarely enforced.)
  • Humans rent their land from galdori government; all landlords must rent their property from the government and sublet it to their tenants.
  • Humans are subject to search and seizure for any reason, at any time. All human property is fair game for confiscation to aid in a criminal investigation.
  • Humans are not allowed legal representation, but are allowed to argue on their own behalf if brought up on trial for a crime.

Laws Concerning Wicks and Witches

  • All wicks must have a writ of residence to live in a major city. Writs of Residence can be obtained through a yearly census or by proving that one is employed and has permanent living quarters in the city.
  • Wicks and witches are prohibited from performing their trade on Brunnhold University grounds or by the Royal Palace of Anaxas.
  • Wicks who stay in the city for any substantial amount of time must pay taxes.
  • Wicks are subject to search and seizure for any reason, at any time.

Laws Concerning the Resistance

  • Humans may not assemble in any group with the express aim of forming a colony, seceding from the kingdom or acting in a way that is contrary to galdori rule.
  • It is illegal to participate in, aid, protect, give shelter to or tolerate a human freedom fighter. Doing so is punishable by imprisonment, or execution depending on the gravity of your involvement.
  • Any pamphlet promoting the human resistance movement is illegal. Possession of such literature is punishable by heavy fine.