Alyssa Pierre

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Alyssa Pierre
Alyssa Pierre
Play Status
NPC Status Closed: Admin Only
Biographic Information
Age 35
Birthday Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Unknown
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5ft 7in
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Face Claim Eva Green
Family Unknown
Job Title Assassin for the Resistance


Rich blue eyes, most say they are sapphire due to the depth of them. Her hair is raven, and falls straight to her shoulders when she lets it. Most times she wears it drawn up and away from her face. Her skin is porcelain and her figure slender and slight, part of her nickname 'Wisp'. She doesn't smile often, and is very quiet. Rarely speaks unless its important, but is always listening. She favors reds and blacks, and dresses for the occasion she is in. When in they say...


Quiet, contemplative and loyal. Alyssa doesn't talk much, and tends to let her daggers do the talking for her. She is faithfully loyal to Serro, and there is a history there that is yet to be discovered. She is almost always at his side, and if she isn't it's because she's on a mission. She is an actress, for the most part, and it's hard to get a fix on her true personality unless she lets you in. That would require a good level of trust, and regardless of how far in the Resistance you are, Alyssa trusts no one except Serro. She will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, and if it ever does, you can be sure you won't see the sun rise.


Alyssa Pierre is a champion assassin for the human resistance, her code name being The Wisp. She was trained in combat from the age of fifteen, and has superior marksmanship as well as skill with several hundred conventional weapons. Currently, she is in the employ of Jon Serro.

Her most notable achievement is the capture of an anonymous member of the Seventen, which led to informational breakthroughs for the Resistance.


Her location is currently unknown to those outside the inner circle of the resistance.