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Alioe (pronounced a-LIE-oh-ee) is the prime goddess of Anaxas, the aspect of the moon, and the Goddess of Time. She is usually depicted as the moon, but occasionally as a being of light with a watchful third eye that sees through the timeline and into the past and future.

The moon relates to time because its placement in the sky shows the passing of the year. The months are aligned along the phases of the moon.

In Anaxi mythology, Alioe guards over a sacred Deep Spring, which is slowly filled by tiny rivulets; each stream represents the passage of time for an individual. The older a person gets, the quicker the water flows into the Deep Spring. When a person dies, their stream has run dry; it is then refilled with the life-water of another individual. (This can be interpreted as reincarnation.)

Common Prayers or Expressions

  • "Goddess guide you" - a typical farewell; can also be used to mean "good luck."
  • "Benea light your path" or "moon light your path" - a blessing.
  • "Good Lady!" - a mild expletive